Sunday, November 4, 2007

India - Land of the Richest & the Poorest

India is indeed a place of contrast.

The wealth of the rich is beyond imagination, the poorest of the poor could be seen everywhere along the street.

Together with China, this two twin-engines of Asia economy will propel the whole Asia to be a dominant force to be reckon with. Just like China, there are lots and lots of construction going on. The hotel is EXTREMELY expensive (paid almost S$200 - USD 130 for room that is not as good as our hotel 81).

Street of Chennai

Domestic flight from Chennai to Delhi

Moto-transport (Delhi)

View from Hotel (Chennai)

I was quite surprised that there was limited high-rise buildings in Chennai, despite it's the fourth largest cities in India.

Family Sleeping on the Street - common sight (Delhi)

Barber on the Street (Delhi)

Back Alley of Delhi

Dawn (Delhi)

Street of Chennai @ Nite

Street of Delhi @ Nite

OutSkirt of Delhi
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